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Life Compass On!
1. Eladorayda (Ugrin)
2. Driftin’ On Vis (Ugrin)
3. Golden Wings (Ogrin)
4. Life Compass On! (Ugrin)
5. 121.110 (Cepak)
6. Broken Spirits (Ogrin)
7. Sailor (Cepak)
8. Drama On The Dancefloor (Ugrin)
total playing time: 71:27

Produced by:
Peter Ugrin, Nov/Dec 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by:
Stefano Amerio, Artesuono recording 
studios, Cavalicco (Udine), Italy

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Garden Of Adventure
1. Garden Of Adventure (Ugrin)
2. Fractals (Gregorka/Ugrin)
3. Low Rider (Gregorka)
4. Mystic Symphony (Gregorka)
5. Ghost Chasers (Gregorka)
6. Bucharest 2012 (Ugrin)
7. Easy Track To Dig (Ugrin)
8. Piece Of Cake (Gregorka)
9. Enlightenment (Gregorka)
10. East To West (Ugrin)

All tracks arranged by Artbeaters
Recorded in Studio Metro LJ, Nov 2012

Engineer – Igor Vuk
Mixed and mastered at Studio Jork

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