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PETER UGRIN - violin
MARKO CEPAK Maki - guitar
ALES OGRIN - piano

Members of the jazz group Artbeaters have merged into a new, expanded Quintet for the new album Life Compass On! The group now consists of five Slovenian jazz musicians: Peter Ugrin - violin, Marko Cepak Maki - guitar, Ales Ogrin - Piano, Ilj Pusnik - bass, Janez Gabric - drums who continue their unique musical expression.

Life Compass On! album is based on the uniqueness and diversity of compositions which are meaningfully merged through mutual relationship. Their new music is inspired by the style of a large musical piece i.e. classical symphony, therefore the actual content of the compositions has the same privilege as improvisation. The album Life Compass On! conveys a deeper message: In its core it calls to a life of caring and compassion - for all of us to choose a path of compassionate life. Life Compass On!

In 2017 Artbeaters performed Life Compass On! Live on International Jazz Day. Concert was widely broadcasted on many European Jazz Radios which collaborated in International Jazz Day network. Artbeaters were one of the few chosen jazz bands to represent Slovenia at 2017 European Jazz Conference. For a special occasion Life Compass On! was arranged for Artbeaters and national RTV BigBand and performed LIVE in 2017.

The story of Artbeaters began in January 2011, when Peter Ugrin (violin) returned from his studies in New York and was invited to already established rhythm section who was searching for a front man. After the first months of intense rehearsals, the group reached a new level of their comprehensive and unique sound image. A special feature of the group’s music is the acoustic sound of the violin, sometimes modified with the electronic effects.

Since the members of the band are all educated jazz musicians, they respect their heritage, which is why jazz influence can be felt in the band’s music, but it is never overwhelming in their own compositions. Artbeaters’ arrangements of songs are stylishly diverse, ranging from spontaneous polyrhythmic patterns to emotional ballads.

The year 2012 was extremely successful for Artbeaters. They won the first prize at the International Jazz Competition Europafest 2012 in Romania, outshining a tough competition of 120 groups from all over the world. Another one of the group’s successes in 2012 was the recording of their live concert by Slovenian national television (RTV Slovenia) for “the Slovenian Jazz Scene” television show.

In January 2013 their first album “Garden of Adventure” was launched and positively reviewed by international jazz critics followed by many successful concerts in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and Serbia, ranging from Jazz Festivals to Mainstream stages. Artbeaters have enclosed summer 2013 concert period by winning 3 prizes (best band, best composition, best performance) on the latest International Jazzinty Festival and Workshop in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

In the past Artbeaters had a chance to performed with one of the worlds greatest jazz violin players Christian Howes. In addition to that they regularly perform and record with national RTV BigBand and occasionally Artbeaters invite young and progressive jazz soloists from Slovenia to perform with.


# Peter plays original Klotz violin for acoustic and Viola by Daniel Musek. For electric he uses Yamaha Silent Violin.

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